AMECA: UAE Launches World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot

Aleca Humanoid Robot Interacts With A Staff Of MOTF

The most sophisticated humanoid robot Ameca has been added to the the Dubai’s Museum of The Future (MOTF). Ameca and Aya an employee of MOTF can be seen on a video introducing themselves which has been uploaded to MOTF’s official Instagram account. The official site of Engineered Arts, the company who developed Ameca The robot is the most advanced humanoid ever created.

She speaks several languages and is available to welcome guests and give directions. Visitors who visit the Museum of the Future may be able to meet Ameca as they pay a visit.

A video featuring her inclusion in the MOTF became viral immediately. The video wowed many viewers, but a few viewers were worried about the future of humanity.

One user called Solidfhd wrote “This is both amazing and terrifying simultaneously. I’m curious to see how much robotics and AI can advance in 2071.”

A user named markbowes wrote that “all i can think about is the film iRobot!”

One person stated that it is exciting and potentially dangerous simultaneously and another added, “Understanding how rapidly technological innovation is advancing, I ponder where mankind will be in the next 50 to 100 years.” One user commented that the video brought back memories of the film iRobot. He added, “I wonder how far AI and robotics will evolve by 2071.”

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