Comparison between the New 10.9-inch iPad vs. iPad Air


The new entry-level iPad is more like the iPad Air than it has ever been. This is how they compare.

Apple has released the two 10.9-inch iPads in 2022 with distinct audiences in mind. The iPad Air that was introduced early in 2018 is a expensive device, while the 10th generation iPad is an entry-level model that has some limitations.

The close proximity of both tablets in price is a clear indication of the price ladder approach of Apple. In putting a brand new tablet between the most affordable last-gen iPad as well as the iPad Air this makes customers more inclined to purchase the higher-end model than they would had previously thought about.

New iPad versus iPad Air 5: specs

They both 10.9-inch iPad and iPad Air 5 each have their place in Apple’s tablet range. While they have similar designs on the outside they are two very distinct tablets.

SpecificationsNew 2022 iPadiPad Air 5
Price (starting)$449$599
Display (pixels)2360 x 1640 at 264 ppi

2360 x 1640 at 264 ppi
Fully Laminated with antireflective coating
Screen brightness (nits)500500
Screen size (inches)10.910.9
ProcessorA14 BionicM1
Apple PencilFirst generationSecond generation
Smart ConnectorYes – sideYes – rear
Dimensions (inches)9.79 x 7.07 x 0.289.74 x 7.02 x 0.24
Weight (pounds)1.051.02
Battery (hours)Up to 10Up to 10
Rear camera12MP Wide12MP Wide
Front cameraLandscape 12MP Ultra Wide
Center Stage
Ultra Wide front camera
Center Stage
AudioLandscape two speakerLandscape two speaker
VideoRear: Up to 4K at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps
Front: Up to 1080p at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, and 60 fps
Rear: Up to 4K at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps
Front: Up to 1080p at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, and 60 fps
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6, 5G, Bluetooth 5.2Wifi 6, 5G, Bluetooth 5.0
BiometricTouch IDTouch ID
ColorsBlue, Pink, Yellow, SilverSpace Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple, Blue

The primary distinctions are the display lamination, the chipset as well as the FaceTime camera’s placement Smart Connector location, and Apple Pencil support. These variations explain exactly the place each iPad places in the line-up and the expected usage scenario.

New iPad versus iPad Air 5: design

There’s not much to distinguish between the 10.9-inch iPad from the iPad Air 5 at a glance, aside from the color. They’re nearly identical sizes and design. However, the 10th generation iPad is noticeably larger and thicker.

iPad iPad has dimensions of 9.79 inches wide in width by 7.07 inches wide and 0.28 inch thick. The dimensions are slightly more that the iPad Air that measures 9.74 inches in length and 7.02 inches across by 0.24 inches thick.

The iPad is also heavier than the iPad Air by a fraction of a pound at 1.05 pounds. It weighs 1.05 pounds. iPad Air weighs 1.02 pounds.

The basic iPad was the last iPad in Apple’s tablet range that required a flat-sided design. It had been sporting the classic iPad design that had the”Home” Button at the top, and the rounded edges that tapered.

The new design also comes with a more diverse color palette. The vibrant pink, blue and silver pop out in contrast to the muted hues that are available on Apple’s iPad Air 5.

Its FaceTime camera no longer sits located on the shorter edge of the iPad and it’s Smart Connector remains on the lower edge. These design choices are a major factor in the basic iPad’s usage case.

New iPad versus iPad Air 5: display

The display of the iPad is the same as that of that of the iPad Air 5 however there are two important differences. The display isn’t laminated . It only allows only the sRGB colors.

Both feature 10.9-inch panels that measure 2360p x 1640p and the resolution of 264ppi. They can reach 500 nits in peak brightness.

A laminated display, similar to that found on the iPad Air 5, allows content to be closer to the surface of the glass. This effect is best enjoyed with Pencil-like devices such as the Apple Pencil since it makes drawing or writing appear more natural. Laminated displays can also be more costly to replace than non-laminateddisplays, should they fail.

Additionally is the sRGB color spectrum on the iPad is sufficient for the majority of situations, however, artists may not appreciate the greater color range that P3 has to provide. It’s the iPad Air 5 features P3 as well as a laminated display and a laminated display, both of which are targeted at artists directly.

New iPad versus iPad Air 5: Processor

The main difference that exists between iPad or iPad Air 5 is the processor. The differences are quite significant when you consider that the cost difference between the two devices is only $150.

The M1 is a processor that was unveiled in the year 2020, and was specifically designed specifically for the Mac. It was then introduced in iPad Pro and trickled down to the iPad Air in 2022.

The A14 Bionic was also introduced in 2020, however it was in it was the iPhone 12. The 10th generation iPad comes with its standard iPhone 12 variant with 4GB of RAM.

iPad Air 5 iPad Air 5 has twice the amount of RAM, with 8GB 16 billion transistors as opposed to 11.8 billion and an 8-core GPU as opposed to 4-core and an 8-core CPU as opposed to a 6-core.

These specs are heavily loaded to Apple’s iPad Air 5 and benchmarks reveal the differences. It scores 1703 single core and 7140 multi-core Geekbench. The A14 Bionic on the iPhone 12 scores 1571 single-core and 3863 multi-core Geekbench.

There isn’t a Media Engine in the M1 Media processes, they will be enhanced to support H.264 and decode/encode HEVC on the M1 in comparison to what is provided by the bionic. This is another great benefit for artists.

New iPad versus iPad Air 5: cameras

The iPad has an upgraded rear camera with 12 megapixels similar as it’s iPad Air’s front camera. It features an f/1.8 aperture and records in 4K with varying speeds from 24 fps to 60 fps.

The more intriguing story is within the FaceTime camera that is located on its front side. Apple changed it’s location from the shorter part of its tablet onto the longer side.

The specs of this camera’s front-facing counterpart is similar in terms of specs to iPad Air. Both have the ability to use Center Stage. However, the new position is ideal for use in keyboard cases that are landscape-oriented.

Apple has been reported to change it’s FaceTime camera to a landscape orientation for many years. But, it appears to have been an expense in the design of Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil — more on the subject in the future.

New iPad in comparison to iPad Air 5 Connectivity and battery

The 10.9-inch iPad is the most modern iPad that has an USB-C connection in place of Lightning. In the long term it will ease charging and accessory requirements across devices by using the same port on both iPad or Mac.

In the near term there’s a bit of confusion and disarray, such as Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil — but we’ll get to the subject in a moment.

The battery’s life has not changed in spite of the design. Each of the iPad Air as well as the 10.9-inch iPad offer about 10 hours of battery life in everyday usage.

Its wireless features are comparable also. Wi-Fi 6 is present on both models, while the mobile options utilize 5G.

The latest 10.9-inch iPad uses Bluetooth 5.2 The iPad Air is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. It shouldn’t affect users too much until 2022, since Apple hasn’t offered any features exclusive to the more recent Bluetooth version.

New iPad versus iPad Air 5: Smart Connector

Smart Connector Smart Connector is used on iPad Air and the 10.9-inch iPad but is in different places. The compatibility of accessories differs slightly between these devices despite sharing similar dimensions.

The Magic Keyboard is based entirely on the rear facing Smart Connector, so the iPad Air is the only device of the two models which can utilize it. But both iPads come with magnets on the back of the casing which will allow others magnets on iPad holders and cases to be connected to both devices.

Apple has introduced a brand updated keyboard designed for its 10.9-inch iPad with an integrated trackpad dubbed”the Magic Keyboard Folio. It connects to an underside Smart Connector and has a separate case that has the ability to attach a kickstand to the iPad.

New iPad versus iPad Air 5: Apple Pencil

It is the Apple Pencil situation for the 10.9-inch iPad is complex. It is unclear if the iPad Air 5 is equipped with Apple Pencil 2. Apple Pencil 2 thanks to an exclusive magnetic charging pad that is located on the an opposite side.

Apple didn’t include the magnetic charging pad that comes with Apple Pencil 2 in the 10.9-inch iPad. This could be because of the FaceTime camera shifting to where it is where the Apple Pencil magnet would typically be.

Instead of finding a new magnet location or providing a new pairing method, Apple opted for something more hardware-independent – it introduced the original Apple Pencil. If you want to connect the current Apple Pencil with the 10.9-inch iPad, Apple sells an adapter that has USB-C and Lightning ports for $9.

All new Apple Pencil purchases purchased from Apple directly will include an adapter. It could take some time for third-party vendors to obtain the version that comes with the adapter.

The adapter connects to the first Apple Pencil to the new iPad through a cable for charging and pairing. This isn’t an optimal setup that it is with the Apple Pencil 2 and magnetic charging pads found in other iPads.

New iPad versus iPad Air 5: price

Although this 10.9-inch iPad technically an upgrade to it’s predecessor, the 10.2-inch iPad, it is at a different cost. This is a fresh cost ladder that is a part of the iPad lineup , which has more rungs than before.

Apple is still selling an 10.2-inch iPad at $329, and the latest 10.9-inch iPad is $449. The higher price is iPad Air 5 at $599, followed by iPad Air 5 priced at $599, and the iPad Pro at $799.

Not just has Apple raised the cost of its entry-level iPad however, it has also retained the older model. This is a well-known method that has been used by Apple for some time within the Mac laptop line.

For those who simply desire to own an iPad and don’t have any concerns about features and design or the chipset The 10.2-inch iPad remains a great alternative. Consumers will continue benefiting from the low retail price that is usually discounted through sales.

People who want the most recent and best technology however want to remain economical can choose their choice of the 10.9-inch iPad. It has a contemporary processor, an updated design, and the new Magic Keyboard Folio to make things more modern.

iPad Air iPad Air is a $150 extra over the latest iPad. It is a great device with excellent specifications and supports for Apple Pencil 2, the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 2. This display is great for artists and the chipset is flexible with workflows for artists.

The iPad Pro sits on top of the line and comes with all the features Apple can offer on its tablet-like form factor. This lineup features the most powerful display and the fastest port along with (eventual) the ability to display externally.

Who are the new iPads for?

The 10.9-inch iPad is situated in a strange spot in Apple’s product line. It’s a brand new model but isn’t equipped with features that would attract artists.

The latest 10.9-inch iPad is ideal for the classroom. Parents with a bit more money to spend can purchase their child a sleeker iPad with a faster processor and fun colors, without having to buy the iPad Air.

Artists who are serious about drawing or editing their work on the iPad will probably look higher in the air. There are many negatives and limitations when making use of iPad 10.9-inch iPad for art, however it is feasible.

Apple is highlighting its new Magic Keyboard Folio also clearly indicates that this is Apple’s idea of the iPad as a hybrid laptop and tablet without the burden of being an art tool. The 2022 iPad like the 2021 iPad before it is a great computer that can be used for work and education as well as play.

Where to buy the 10th-generation iPad or iPad Air 5

Apple’s brand new iPad 10th Generation is available to pre-order through Apple Premier Partner Expercom. Prices start at $449.

The basic iPad Air 5 can be bought from Amazon beginning at $519.

The iPad 9th Generation is heavily reduced on Amazon the price at press time falling to just $269.

Find the most current iPad offers within the iPad Price Guide that is updated daily.

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