Konami Leaks New Silent Hill 2 PS5 Remake, Based On Classic Horror Game


Konami’s livestream – more than a video dump and here’s the rest of what it revealed–is over and the long-running reports are now verified: Silent Hill 2 is being revamped in the form of PlayStation 5 and PC. The stream didn’t waste time and quickly jumped into the trailer for the next-gen remake.

The film begins with the iconic image that shows Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland looking in the mirror and wondering if his spouse Mary is waiting to greet his return. James is then walked through the gloomy streets of the town, before we get a cinematic montage familiar sights beautifully presented in contemporary images.

The trailer is brief, but does confirm at least three things: Silent Hill 2 remake is available on the wishlist for PS5 at the moment, and it is being created by Bloober Team, and it will be restricted for PlayStation (and PC) for 12 months following its launch. Sorry Xbox gamers.

In the hours leading up to the event’s official announcement today, information about a few Silent Hill projects were possibly released by no other than Konami the company itself. It’s a way to show off isn’t it?

If you’re wondering Konami will host an Silent Hill Transmission livestream around 4:50 p.m. ET tomorrow on YouTube. The intention behind the broadcast, as per the description of the video, will consist of “reveal the latest news for the Silent Hill series.” It’s great, but the description appears to have been updated since Twitter user Nibel discovered that a prior version had details about the content that could be shown.

Based on the information that was removed in the description of the livestream, Konami stated that Silent Hill 2 will be available through the PlayStation store in the near future. While the video’s description might not be much to go off of, a Twitch streamer named SurvivalHorrorNetwork shared an automated Twitch email they got notifying them that a copyright owner–Konami–had monetized a test stream they ran. The copyrighted content mentioned in the message included “Silent Hill 2: Part 1” which could mean that the game Silent Hill 2 is in the development could be a two-part game.

More clues emerge from the metadata for the livestream that has been uploaded on the gaming forum ResetEra to be inspected thoroughly. The code mentions Silent Hill 2, the film due to be released in the near future, Return to Silent Hill, as well as a movie dubbed “Silent Hill: Ascension.” The stream will also feature interviews as well as teaser trailers along with possible reference to PlayStation or Steam. The fact that PlayStation was mentioned as a metadata reference is huge deal for certain Era users, who have reported that the Silent Hill 2 remake has been speculated for a long time to be a limited-time exclusive for PlayStation consoles.

Kotaku has asked Konami for comments.

Then, a website called WhatIfGaming declares that it’s received Silent Hill 2 remake details from an unknown source, which include that it will feature an over-the-shoulder camera “amazing” graphics, and the return of the series’ artistic director Masahiro Ito as well as the beloved music composer Akira Yamaoka. According to the source, Bloober Team is developing the new Silent Hill 2, a report that has circulated since at the very least May 2022, when leaks of screenshots started appearing on the internet. Then, in June of 2022 Bloober Team revealed its latest project, which is a Layers of Fear reboot of sort, that builds on the foundations of the franchise and will feature “a surprising new story and gameplay direction.”

We’ll know within a couple of hours what Konami will have in store in store for Silent Hill fans. However, it appears that we already have a good idea about one of its biggest “surprises.”

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