The largest diamond in the world is expected to fetch at the very least PS13million (over 1 billion rupees).


A pear-shaped Golden Canary, which weights more than 300 carats was displayed at Dubai this morning, The Sun reported.

It was discovered in a pile rubble by a little girl who was playing in her uncle’s backyard back in the 1980s the object turned out to be a rough diamond with 890 carats — the largest diamonds that the world had ever seen.

However, after it was cut into a pear-shape it became the largest internal flawless diamond evaluated at the Gemological Institute of America.

It will then be sold off without reserve through Sotheby’s at New York in December, according to the report.

Bids start at $1.

This isn’t the first time that a diamond with a value of millions has been offered for sale.

The woman was in her 60s. purchased the stone from a car boot sale a few years ago, but she did not know the value of it.

Then she brought it in to be appraised after the request of a neighbor -then was stunned by the discovery that the diamond had been identified as an “off the scale” diamond as per the report.

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