Trump subpoenas former president is required to testify before the committee on 6 January


The panel of the congressional inquiry into the riots that occurred last year’s Capitol incident was issued with a court summons requiring ex-President Donald Trump to testify to the panel of lawmakers.

The document, which addresses him, says: “You were at the forefront of the first and sole attempt of anyone US President to reverse the results of an election.”

The text reads: “You knew this activity was unlawful and in violation of the Constitution.”

A lawyer representing Mr. Trump said that the members of the panel of “flouting the rules”.

Former president Barack Obama has denounced the inquiry as a scam meant to deflect voters away from his “disaster” in Democratic government in the wake of US midterm elections scheduled for in the coming month.

Mr. Trump could be charged with a crime in the event he fails to comply in accordance with the order.

He has until the 4th of November to supply documents to the committee of 6 January and is required to attend deposition testimony on or before 14 November.

If President Trump does not testify before Congress or provide documents the committee can send the issue before the Department of Justice – potentially initiating criminal legal proceedings.

The subpoena was sent out within hours of the time the former Trump Strategist Steve Bannon was fined $6,500 (PS5,800) and sentenced to four months in prison for infractions against Congress.

He was found guilty after refusing to present the committee the evidence or provide any documents.

Another Trump advisor, Peter Navarro, is expected to face trial for infractions to Congress next month following his refusal to cooperate with a similar subpoena.

What are the ramifications of the legal troubles of Donald Trump?

Steve Bannon gets four months in prison for infraction to Congress

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What was the incident at the Capitol the riot?

The committee’s select committee is looking into Trump supporters violently storming the US Capitol building on 6 January2021.

Seven Democrats along with two Republicans unanimously approved last week a motion to force to force the Republican to testify on his involvement in the incident.

Lawmakers believe that Mr. Trump has urged his supporters to denounce the outcome of the 2020 presidential election which led them to storm into the chambers of Congress to stop Joe Biden from being certified as the winner.

In the letter accompanying the subpoena the chairman Bennie Thompson as well as vice chairwoman Liz Cheney said the committee had “assembled an overwhelming amount of evidence, which includes from your numerous staff and former appointees, that you were the person who orchestrated and directed the multi-faceted effort to overturn the presidential election in 2020”.

“You did each of those actions despite rulings of more that 60 courts that have rejected your claims of fraud in the election and others challenging the legitimacy of the presidential election in 2020 even though you had specific and specific data from the Justice Department and your senior campaign staff informing you your election claims were bogus and despite your duty being President of the United States to guarantee all laws that govern our country are strictly enforced,” the letter added.

The Trump legal team has dismissed the subpoena.

“We know that, yet again, in violation of the rules and customary procedure the Committee has released publicly an extract of its demand,” said lawyer David Warrington.

“As as with any other similar issue we will look over and analyze it, and react as necessary to this unusual move.”

If Republicans are able to regain the control in the House of Representatives after November’s midterm elections – as is widely anticipated – the committee’s work on 6 January will end and the committee will disband.

Ms Cheney is the highest Republican on the committee and daughter of the former Republican vice president Dick Cheney – will leave in January following the loss of an August primary to a Trump-backed candidate. The only other Republican chairman, Adam Kinzinger, plans to retire at the close of the session.

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